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The play to earn game Black Eye Galaxy release a new NFT Spaceship

A brand new spaceship has been released on Black Eye Galaxy, a metaverse where users can use crypto to buy planets and explore the game.

February 26, 2022

2022 is the year of NFTs, with lots of new concepts being released day after day. The intriguing thing about NFTs is just how diverse and useful they can be. This is perfectly demonstrated in the play-to-earn game Black Eye Galaxy. The game includes planets and solar systems, along with spaceships you can use to explore the galaxy. Recently, a new NFT spaceship has been launched in the game, called the MK2. There’s a limited supply of 500 available, making this a highly sought-after investment for players.

The technology behind Black Eye Galaxy
On the face of it, Black Eye Galaxy seems like a normal space exploration game. There are planets to visit and explore, spaceships to drive, and so on. However, under the surface, it is run using blockchain technology. It is marketed as a decentralized cross-chain world where people can play and earn money.

How does it work?

Each planet and spaceship in the game is an NFT. Users will purchase planets using BYG cryptocurrency, which allows them to then mine the planet for resources. These resources can then be staked and sold on the market, with each mining resource represented by a separate token. In essence, players invest in planets and then mine them to sell the resources to get tokens back from the investment.

There is a depth to the game as well, with planets having the ability to become inhabitable, letting the owners of the planet create their own civilization with its own currency. Every single asset within the game can be bought, sold, and traded by players. Anything a player owns can be kept in their crypto wallet, fully decentralized.

Introducing the MK2 spaceship
Recently, Black Eye Galaxy has been gearing up to release its new MK2 Spaceship, which will be the fastest ship in the galaxy. Spaceships play an integral role in the universe as they are responsible for transporting mining resources between planets to the marketplace. Owners of cargo spaceships can lease them to other players for a fee.

Similarly, some discovery spaceships are used to help discover new star systems, opening up more opportunities for players. Of course, with only 500 of the MK2 spaceships available, there will be a race to see which players can bag this NFT before the others.

As Black Eye Galaxy continues to grow, more planets and spaceships will be introduced, giving further NFT investment opportunities for enthusiasts interested in cryptocurrency.

About Black Eye Galaxy
Black Eye Galaxy is a decentralized, cross-chain, virtual world that allows players to explore an entire galaxy. Players can connect their crypto wallet to the game, allowing them to make purchases using BYG.

For more information on the game, and to view the whitepaper, visit the website here:

All press contact details can be found below:

Contact Info:
Name: Arthur Backouche
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Organization: Black Eye Galaxy
Address: 140 Curlewis Street
Phone: 0466640657


Release ID: 89065717

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