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Top Real Estate Agents in Pearland Tx, Friendswood Tx, League City Tx: ListMe Realty Group LLC

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Are you in the market to buy, or sell a home? If you are, then hiring the right real estate agent is probably the most important piece of the puzzle. There are roughly 30,000 real estate agent in the Houston, and surrounding areas, but finding the perfect match for you, and your needs is what matters most. After doing some extensive research. I've come to the conclusion, that there are few, if any, real estate agencies capable of offering what the ListMe Realty Group LLC offers their clients.

PEARLAND, Texas & FRIENDSWOOD, Texas - Aug. 30, 2021 - PRLog -- Let's be honest for a second. Many people view real estate agents as useless, and overpaid. So, I'm going to let you in on a little secret.... MOST ARE!....BUT, the best real estate agents help ensure you sell your home faster, and for more money. They also help ensure you find exactly what you are looking for, negotiate a better deal, and save you money, when buying a home. I know you are thinking: "With 30,000 agents in our area, it should be easy to find an agent that can do this", right? It's common for people to think that all real estate agents are alike since they share the same profession, and have the same basic qualifications. That is true to an extent, but you don't want to settle for the "Average Joe" realtor when you are buying, or selling a home. YOU WANT THE BEST!
Now, "the best", doesn't necessarily mean more expensive either. It just means finding an agent, that's going to go above and beyond to beat your expectations!

The Statistics:

I'm going to provide you with some statistics that show why hiring the best real estate agents will be worth the time, and the money spent for their services, and how these agents earn every penny of their commission. Christina Moore, Freedom Realty, says top real estate agents get homes off the market up to 1.4x faster, and will even save buyers money, when purchasing a home. When selling a home,  the statistics show that the top 3% of real estate agents in Houston sell 1.8x more properties, than your average realtors. While the average home sits on the market for about 70 days, the top agents sell properties in approximately 39 days. Top real estate agents can also bring, on average $13,000 more for a mansion sale, and top realtors sell for 101.6% of the listing price compared to just 97.1% for the average realtor. The statistics also show, that top real estate agent sell up to 7x as many homes per year, compared to the average real estate agent. Statistics show that when buying a home, the average real estate agents are getting their clients homes for just 93.5% of the list price (savings of 6.5%). This is compared to top real estate agents that are getting their clients homes for 86.3% of the listing price (savings of 13.7%).    I'll break this down for you, so you can get a better understanding of the estimated amount of more money you'll make, and the savings you'll get, when using a top agent.

Lets use $100,000 as an example of the listing price of a home you want to sell.

Top Agents: $100,000 x 101.6% = $101,600, or $1,600 MORE money for the sale of the home. (You are getting $1,600 more for the sale of your home)

Average Agents: $100,000 x 97.1% = 97,100, or - $2,900 LESS for the sale of the home. (You are getting $2,900 less for the sale of your home)

Lets use $100,000 as an example of the purchase of a home:

Top Agents: $100,000 x 86.3% of purchase price = $86,300 or $13,700 LESS for the purchase of the home. (savings of 13,700 when buying a home)

Average Agents: $100,000 x 93.5% of purchase price = $93,500 or just $6,500 LESS for the purchase of the home. (savings of only $6,500 when buying a home)

Now you know!

As you can see....hiring the right real estate agent can be the difference between making more money, or less money on the sale of your home. It can also be the difference between spending more on a home than you should, or saving money when you can. If you're in the market to buy, or sell your home, then make sure you know exactly what your agent brings to the table to help ensure you get exactly what you want.

The Research

After searching online to see which real estate agents bring more value to the table for their clients, I've come to the conclusion that ListMe Realty Group LLC is one of these companies. After viewing their list of services compared to others, I was quite surprised how much more they offer their clients than the "Average Joe" realtor. Now I know all real estate agents should at least offer the basics. The basics should include a free Comparative Market Analysis, a consultation, listing the property, or finding you a property, showing properties, and submitting or accepting offers. These are things that need to be done at the very basic levels of real estate. However, there so much more that Top Real Estate Agents offer their clients, which can ensure you get exactly what you want, or more! If you want an idea of what Top Real Estate Agents offer, then check out ListMe Realty Group LLC list of services. One of the services that stood out most to me, and something that is overlooked and undervalued, is their targeted marketing approach to the market. This is a service that very few agents are capable of providing, because it means they are much more advanced in marketing, than the average realtor. Targeted marketing can attract buyers, and sellers that are specifically looking for what their clients are offering, by sorting through the serious, and non-serious buyers, and sellers. This can put their clients in a much better position to make more money when selling, or save more, when buying. This type of marketing can also put their clients in a much better position to find the home they want, versus having to settle for a home that they aren't completely in love with.

List of services includes:
1. Free Home Valuations or CMA (Every realtor should offer you this at the bare minimum)
2. Top Dollar Recommendations ( To increase your chances of getting more money)
3. Credit Repair Resources (They help point you in the right direction, and provide valuable resources that you can use to help you get your credit to where it needs to be)
4.Lender Resources ( They can provide several lending options, or point you in the right direction for which lenders will best fit your needs)
5. Insurance Resources ( You'll need insurance when using a lender, so they can also provide these as well)
6. Staging ( Staging your home can increase your chances of selling faster, and for more money. Empty homes can take longer to sell, and may sell for less)
7. Virtual Staging ( This is a less expensive alternative to staging, but will offer potential buyers a glimpse of what the home will look like with decorations, accents, and furniture)
8. 3D Virtual tours ( This is an awesome way to get potential buyers to see the full potential of the home, without even being there. This offers buyers a chance to walk through and view the home, without being at the house)
9. Professional Pictures ( I've seen far to often realtors use their phones to take pictures. Remember a large majority of buyers want to see it online first, before they go to the home. Having professional pictures taken will help attract more people, and encourage them to come view the property in person)
10. Targeted Marketing (This is what ListMe Realty Group LLC is known best for. Their targeted marketing approach helps ensures the property is being seen by the right buyers and sellers)
11. Social Media Presence ( This helps ensure the property is being seen by the maximum amount of people)
12. Google, Facebook, and YouTube Ads ( Sponsored ads guarantees your property is being seen by buyers and sellers
13. DREAM HOME FINDER PROGRAM ( This program only targets the homes that match the specific criteria provided by their clients, to help ensure their clients find the home they want)
14. Open Houses ( This creates a buzz in the neighborhood and gets a lot of foot traffic)
15. Yard Signs (This may seem ineffective, but there are still many people that search the old fashioned way by driving around the neighborhoods they like)
16. Buyer Feedback (This is more important than you may think. This will tell you what potential buyers like, and dislike, so you can make the proper changes for the next buyer)
17.Knowledge & Expertise (This is on of the most undervalued services in the industry, but with the right realtor, it will help ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible)
18.Constant Communication (ListMe Realty Group LLC prides themselves in the department. There is nothing more frustrating than a person that doesn't respond)
19. Crossing the finish line together (Its nice to have someone there to Congratulate you!)


The home buying, or selling process is probably the biggest financial decision a person will ever make in their lifetime. If you are in the market, then please make sure to do your home work before hiring an agent. As I've described above, the top agents in the industry are the ones that bring the most value to the table. They don't always cost more either, so make sure you ask them how much they charge for their services. In our area Pearland Tx, Friendswood Tx, League City Tx, the standard rate is 6%. In Texas, the seller pays both the Listing agents commission, and the buyers agent commission. A good thing to remember when buying a home is that the seller pays the commission, so you are basically getting free representation to purchase a home at the sellers expense!  The agents at ListMe Realty Group LLC (John LaBoube, Elizabeth Errasti) would love the opportunity to make this journey as easy, and smooth as possible for you.

Contact Information:



Elizabeth Errasti (832-661-9825)
John LaBoube (281-658-4348)




(Source: Christina Moore, Freedom Realty)

ListMe Realty Group LLC
Elizabeth Errasti
John LaBoube

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