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Nick Szabo and 30+ Blockchain Heavyweights Descend on Blockchain Jungle Costa Rica: Why It’s a Game-Changer

Blockchain Jungle 2023 in Costa Rica unites top blockchain experts like Nick Szabo with sustainable initiatives, marking a transformative era in tech innovation.

(PRUnderground) August 21st, 2023

The pristine shores and lush rainforests of Costa Rica have long been associated with eco-tourism and sustainable living. Today, however, the nation is rapidly emerging as a trailblazer in another realm: blockchain technology. And it’s not just about the technology itself but how Costa Rica marries it with sustainability, presenting an unprecedented integration.

Blockchain Jungle 2023, slated to be held at San José’s Convention Center this November 16th, isn’t your average tech event. It’s a bold statement to the world that Costa Rica is stepping up to be a global leader in sustainable blockchain technology. The significance of this conference is further underlined by the sheer caliber of its attendees — none other than Nick Szabo, often dubbed the “Father of Smart Contracts,” is leading a formidable lineup of over 30 blockchain visionaries and industry leaders. But why Costa Rica? Why now? And how does this revolution promise to reshape the blockchain landscape?

Sustainability Meets Blockchain

Costa Rica’s enduring commitment to sustainability is well-documented. It’s a nation where over 98% of its electricity comes from renewable sources and which aims to become carbon neutral by 2050. But in a world where the environmental costs of blockchain and cryptocurrencies have come under fire, Costa Rica is pioneering a fresh approach. They’re harnessing the power of blockchain and aligning it with their eco-conscious ethos — a match that’s grabbing global attention.

Juan C. Guerrero, Chief Executive Director of Blockchain Jungle, articulates this vision, stating, “Blockchain is not just a technology, it’s a movement. And in Costa Rica, we’re combining that movement with our rich tradition of sustainability. The result is Blockchain Jungle — a beacon for the world showing how technology and eco-consciousness can shape the future together.”

A Global Blockchain Fiesta Like No Other

What sets Blockchain Jungle apart from other tech conferences is its comprehensive approach. It’s not just about technological showcases but fostering a genuine dialogue between stakeholders from various sectors. Policymakers, tech enthusiasts, industry leaders, and even the curious general public will find a platform at Blockchain Jungle.

Further driving home the event’s significance, world traveler and Bitcoin enthusiast Paco De La India stated, “Just as I’ve relied solely on Bitcoin in my travels, Costa Rica is setting an example by relying on innovation and sustainability. Blockchain Jungle is the epicenter of this vision.”

A Call to Arms for Other Nations

Blockchain Jungle is more than a conference. It’s a clarion call to nations worldwide to view technological advancements, especially in spaces like blockchain, through the lens of sustainability. Blockchain Jungle serves as a living testament to what can be achieved when innovation and nature come together.

With this one-of-a-kind event, Costa Rica isn’t just content being a tourist paradise. It’s signaling its intent to be a hotbed for blockchain innovation, where sustainability isn’t an afterthought but the very foundation.


In the battle between technological progress and environmental conservation, Costa Rica is showcasing that it doesn’t have to be one or the other. As the world watches, Blockchain Jungle 2023 could very well be the watershed moment that redefines the future trajectory of blockchain, positioning Costa Rica at the helm of this green revolution.

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About Blockchain Jungle

Blockchain Jungle 2023 is the premier conference event heralding the synergy of blockchain technology and sustainability, set against the backdrop of Costa Rica’s rich cultural and ecological heritage. Hosted in San José, this groundbreaking one-day event is dedicated to catapulting Costa Rica as a leading global hub for sustainable blockchain innovation by 2030. With an impressive lineup of over 30 esteemed speakers, Blockchain Jungle offers a holistic experience, complete with engaging talks, workshops, collaborative sessions, and a grand cultural celebration. By seamlessly integrating Costa Rica’s legacy in sustainability with cutting-edge blockchain insights, the event underscores the country’s vision for a harmonized future where technological advancement and environmental preservation coexist. As a beacon in the blockchain community, Blockchain Jungle is not just an event – it’s the epicenter of a global movement, where blockchain’s potential is explored in tandem with ecological responsibility. For more information, visit

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