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Dinardo Tree Care Expands Tree Trimming Services in Coppell, TX to Enhance Tree Health and Beauty

Dinardo Tree Care has announced that it is expanding its tree services for both residential and commercial properties in the Greater Dallas area. The updated services include tree healthcare and diagnosis, insect and disease control, selective pruning and trimming, support systems, water management, air spading, deep root fertilization, tree and stump removal, and storm damage recovery. All these services are aimed at keeping trees healthy through organic treatments and advanced techniques, backed by certified arborist training.

“We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our clients’ trees. Our expanded services are designed to address a wide range of tree care needs, ensuring trees remain healthy and resilient year-round,” said Jared Dinardo, the company's Chief Arborist. As a leading tree trimming company Coppell TX, Dinardo Tree Care places a strong emphasis on both the health and appearance of the community’s trees.

tree trimming Coppell TX

One specialized service offered by Dinardo Tree Care is selective pruning and trimming. This helps improve both the health and look of trees by removing dead or diseased branches, shaping the tree, and promoting healthy growth. The company follows the ANSI A300 standards for tree pruning, approved by the American National Standards Institute, so you know they’re meeting high industry benchmarks. For more information about Dinardo Tree Care and their services, visit their website at

Another key service from Dinardo Tree Care is insect and disease control. They use a range of methods, including organic treatments, to manage pests and diseases that can harm trees. This service helps keep trees healthy by eliminating harmful insects and diseases.

The tree healthcare and diagnosis service is also very comprehensive. Dinardo Tree Care assesses the overall health of trees and diagnoses any potential issues. This can involve checking for signs of disease, assessing the tree’s structural integrity, and evaluating its general health. By spotting problems early, they can apply effective treatments to encourage stronger growth.

The company also offers advanced tree support systems, helping maintain a tree's structure. These systems, including braces and cables, support large branches and stabilize the tree, ensuring its longevity and safety, especially in harsh weather conditions.

Dinardo Tree Care understands the importance of water management. They assess each tree’s water needs based on its species and location, provide guidance on watering schedules, and can even set up irrigation systems. Proper water management is crucial for the health and growth of trees, particularly in drought-prone areas.

Air spading is another technique used by Dinardo Tree Care to loosen compacted soil around trees. This helps improve the tree’s access to water and nutrients, promoting healthier growth. Deep root fertilization is another way they enhance tree health by applying fertilizer directly to the roots, leading to improved vitality and growth.

For those who need tree and stump removal, Dinardo Tree Care offers safe and effective solutions. This service not only keeps the landscape looking good but also removes any potential hazards. In the event of storm damage, they provide recovery services to remove broken branches, stabilize damaged trees, and offer treatments to help trees heal.

“Trees are an essential part of our ecosystem and property value,” Dinardo added. “Our services are designed to ensure they receive the best possible care. We believe in maintaining the integrity of the natural beauty in our clients’ landscapes.”

Dinardo Tree Care serves a variety of areas including Dallas, Coppell, Highland Park, Preston Hollow, Lakewood, Plano, Carrollton, Frisco, and McKinney. They offer tailored solutions to fit each landscape, making sure trees are both healthy and visually appealing.

Property owners looking for professional tree care, count on Dinardo Tree Care. Their commitment to organic treatments and advanced techniques makes them a top choice as a tree trimming company Coppell TX, and the surrounding areas.

For more information about Dinardo Tree Care and their services, visit their website at


For more information about Dinardo Tree Care, contact the company here:

Dinardo Tree Care
Jared Dinardo
Dinardo Tree Care
6116 N Central Expy Suite 1440
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