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Genopets Launches New Apple Vision Pro App: Transforming Fitness and Digital Companionship

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As the world becomes increasingly digital, finding compelling incentives to lead healthier lives is more crucial than ever. Enter Genopets, the mobile app that gamifies healthy habits, transforming self-care into a fun and rewarding adventure with a personalized digital companion. In Genopets, daily steps convert into Energy, helping players level up and evolve their pets while also leveling up themselves.

Introducing the Apple Vision Pro App

Genopets is committed to leveraging the latest technology to benefit players. The game economy is built on the blockchain, ensuring true ownership of in-game items. Currently, Genopets is developing a GenAI Adventure Mode to further motivate players to explore the real world and unlock a personalized AI lore of the Genoverse. To deepen the bonds players share with their Genopets, they have also developed a new companion app for the Apple Vision Pro. 

The Apple Vision Pro app brings Genopets into the real world, allowing players to interact with them in a new dimension. Imagine watching movies with a Genopet or working beside one while it chills in its Habitat, like a digital terrarium. Viewing a Genopet in this way brings childhood dreams to life.

Features of the Apple Vision Pro App

-  360-Degree View: See digital pets from every angle.

-  Room Placement: Place a Genopet anywhere in any room.

-  Scalable Size: Scale them up to life-size or enjoy them in a floating Habitat.

Discover New Genopets

Explore unique Genopets without signing in. View randomly generated Genopets—each one different in stage, color, and Augments. Once a player scrolls past a Genopet, they won’t see it again, making each encounter unique and exciting. This feature allows players to explore the diverse possibilities within the Genoverse and get inspired to customize their own Genopet in the app using Cosmetic Crystals and Augments.

Future Enhancements

The current app developed for the Apple Vision Pro is just the beginning. The goal is to continue encouraging healthy habits with even more social and interactive features, including:

Pomodoro Timer: Audible reminders for stretch breaks.

Interactive Play: Feed, pet, and play with a Genopet using user touch and movements.

Social Engagement: Play with friends over SharePlay with Genopet races.

The Genopets team is incredibly excited about the potential of this new technology to expand the Genoverse and make the player experience more immersive and rewarding. Stay tuned for more updates as they continue to innovate and bring these digital companions to life in new ways.

About Genopets

Genopets is a mobile app that gamifies fitness, turning a player’s steps into Energy they can use to level up their digital pet and themself. Built on the blockchain, Genopets ensures true ownership of in-game items and offers an engaging way to stay active and healthy.

For more information, visit their website or check them out on X.

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