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Ape-X Disrupts SEO Industry With New Website and Marketing Reviews

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Ape-X, an Australian SEO and PPC service provider, is making waves in the digital marketing industry with a new free website and marketing review, offering upfront value to potential clients before they even sign on.

The team over at Ape-X SEO and PPC Services, a Brisbane based digital marketing agency, have just released a new Free Website and Marketing Review service that’s quite different from other agencies’ introductory offers.

How digital marketing agencies attract leads

Consumers are pretty switched on these days; - it’s no secret by now that if one puts their name, email, and phone number into an online form, whether that’s to “book a free strategy session”, get an ebook, or subscribe to a newsletter, one's details get automatically added into that company’s CRM as a potential lead for their business. Depending on their sales processes, one might then get sent an email sequence, invited to book a call, or even get called directly by their sales team. These are all common industry practices - individuals exchange their details for some sort of “lead magnet”.

Where most companies drop the ball, though, is that their lead magnets are awfully generic and templated, and don’t really offer any insights that are unique to the person requesting them. Digital marketing is a minefield of different trends, strategies, and algorithms, and what works for one business may not work for others - even within the same industry. Businesses might be at different growth stages, have different brand or audience considerations, or have vastly different goals.

How Ape-X’s marketing review differs

Ape-X, like many agencies, touts that they take a “tailored approach” to creating a marketing strategy for each of their clients. The proof, however, comes in the form of their new Free Website and Marketing Review - a 15-20 minute bespoke video audit of one’s website and marketing channels that audits the user experience, SEO, traffic potential, and ad creatives and offers.

“We really wanted to show people that we understand their businesses,” said Isaac Alexander, co-founder and director at Ape-X. “We have seen so many generic lead magnets over the years that people just skim-read and then forget about five minutes later - thrown onto a big scrap heap of rotting PDFs in their downloads folder. Our marketing review is 100% about their business. We also decided to do it in video format since this is the most consumed medium on the internet and it helps us build a connection with our prospects before they even speak with us.”

What’s included?

According to the landing page, Ape-X’s “Free Website & Marketing Review (by a real human)” is a bespoke 15-minute video that covers the following aspects of one’s website and marketing:

-  Technical Health Check
-  UX & Conversion Audit
-  Keyword Review
-  Competitor Analysis
-  Ads Review

It’s even possible watch a demo of the type of things they cover in this preview they recorded:

Who is it for?

Ape-X works primarily with established Australian businesses. According to the landing page, the website and marketing review is designed for Business Owners, Marketing Managers, and eCommerce Store Owners & Managers who want to increase online traffic, leads, and sales through digital advertising. Businesses without an existing website are not eligible for the review (makes sense, really).

What’s the catch?

By all accounts, Ape-X isn’t in the business of harassing individuals via phone/email once they have their details. There’s also no obligation to use their services just because one requested a review - according to their web page, the review is as much a tool for them to qualify suitable prospects as it is a lead magnet; they don’t work with businesses in certain niches or in start-up stages.

It should be mentioned that there is an 11-step questionnaire that needs to be filled out in order to request the free review, which seems to be part of their qualification process:

“In our experience, if someone can’t or won’t complete some simple information about their business, they’re not likely to even watch the video let alone action the advice we give them,” says Mr. Alexander. “These reviews take about an hour to research and another 30 to 40 minutes to record and upload - we want to make sure our time and energy is going to the people who’ll get the most out of it.”

Where to get one?

With little downside and a lot of potential benefits, the Free Website and Marketing Review is a compelling option for established businesses who want an outside analysis on their SEO and conversion potential.

The review can be requested by clicking this link: Request A Free Website and Marketing Review

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