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Jmoon Transdermal Collagen Light: Pioneering New Anti-Aging Technology

The home beauty device industry is currently undergoing significant technological innovation.

As a leader in the field, Jmoon has been at the forefront since the era of radiofrequency beauty devices, launching several blockbuster products and continuously introducing new ones. They have once again led the anti-aging market by pioneering their latest product, the Jmoon Transdermal Collagen Light Beauty Device, featuring cutting-edge Transdermal Collagen Light (TCL) technology.

Revolutionizing Radiofrequency: A New Breakthrough in Anti-Aging

TCL technology, a novel anti-aging innovation, offers consumers a fresh choice with its non-invasive nature, high safety profile, and powerful anti-aging benefits.

Leonardo Longo, a distinguished expert in laser science and cosmetic medicine, and the scientific director at the Florence Institute of Laser Medicine (ILM), as well as the founding chair of the International Association of Laser Medicine and Surgery (IALMS), shared in an interview that “ ‘Transdermal Collagen Light’ is a state-of-the-art anti-aging technology. It harnesses the penetrating power of near-infrared light to deliver specific wavelengths deep into the dermal layer of the skin. This initiates the activation of fibroblasts and promotes the synthesis of collagen. This method of light therapy not only enhances the skin’s elasticity and firmness but also reduces fine lines and wrinkles, contributing to an overall youthful skin appearance. The process of using transdermal collagen light is very gentle and does not damage the skin’s outer layer. After receiving this anti-aging treatment, users require no downtime and can immediately resume their daily activities, making it ideally suited to the demands of a busy modern lifestyle”.

Based on this feature, Laser Therapy has noted that while radiofrequency was once at the forefront of anti-aging technology, TCL has now emerged as a superior, next-generation advancement. This new technology significantly outperforms conventional radiofrequency, providing the equivalent of two to three sessions in just one use, characterized by:

1.Deeper Penetration: Unlike traditional devices that reach approximately 3.5mm into the dermis, affecting only the superficial to mid layers, TCLreaches deeper, up to 4.5mm, activating collagen production across all layers of the dermis for enhanced anti-aging results.

2.Increased Coverage: Radiofrequency beauty devices are limited by the number and size of their electrode heads, which create small, pinpoint thermal fields,typically around 3 cm². In contrast, TCL using gap-free light illumination technology forms a focused, plate-like thermal field spanning over 7 cm², effectively doubling its reach.

3.Higher Thermal Efficiency: Radiofrequency begins by absorbing heat at the epidermis and then moves downward to heat the dermis, losing energy along the way due to heat conduction. TCLutilizes targeted light energy that precisely affects the dermis, allowing for deeper and higher thermal efficiency.

4.Versatility in Anti-Aging: While radiofrequencybeauty devices primarily promotes collagen production through physical heating, TCL not only heats but also utilizes the biological effects of light energy to stimulate ATP production and fibroblast regeneration, offering a dual approach to anti-aging.

Jmoon Transdermal Collagen Light Beauty Device: A Pioneer in Anti-Aging Technology

After three years of collaborative research and development with Professor Theodor W. Hänsch, a Nobel Laureate in Physics, the Jmoon R&D team has successfully integrated revolutionary TCL technology into a home beauty device for the first time.

The Jmoon Transdermal Collagen Light Beauty Device comes equipped with two advanced modes designed to provide a comprehensive anti-aging solution for consumers.

Collagen Regeneration Mode: This mode leverages the latest in anti-aging technology TCL, which offers robust penetration and superior thermal efficiency. It creates a broad, concentrated photothermal field, uniformly and continuously delivering energy from the surface to the deeper layers of the dermis. This stimulates collagen regeneration and restores the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

V-line Lifting Mode: Utilizing tri-frequency breathing microcurrent technology, this mode helps to achieve muscle anti-aging and fascial lifting. It systematically affects layers from the superficial to the deep, thoroughly tightening the skin and sculpting a V-shaped facial contour.

According to the product efficacy report: a single use results in a visibly firming and lifting effect; with continuous use for seven sessions, there is a significant reduction in fine lines across the entire face.

Jmoon Leads the Industry to New Heights in Anti-Aging

Jmoon has long been dedicated to providing safe and effective solutions for home beauty care. With the launch of their new Transdermal Collagen Light Beauty Device, they further cement their position as pioneers in technological innovation and product development.  This move not only showcases Jmoon’s deep expertise in anti-aging technology but also their sharp understanding of market needs, offering consumers a groundbreaking choice in anti-aging care and advancing the industry’s technological development. As the demand for high-quality life and anti-aging solutions grows, the Jmoon Transdermal Collagen Light Beauty Device is poised to become a beloved brand in the industry, driving its evolution.

Laser Therapy noted, “As consumer demand for health and beauty solutions grows, along with a preference for non-invasive medical aesthetic technologies, TCL technology is emerging as a significant force in anti-aging. Its likely inclusion in home beauty devices marks the start of a new chapter in the industry”.

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