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Magnis Energy Technologies partner C4V Release LiSER Battery Technology

  • Lithium Slim Energy Reserve (LiSER) allows OEM's to bypass modules and build packs directly
  • Design allows for maximum cell to pack translation of performance
  • Industry first "Tab-less" advanced prismatic cell design that has an in-situ cooling loop
  • Allows for temperature ranges of -40 charging °C to 90 °C which assists in extra fast

BINGHAMTON, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 2, 2022 / Magnis Energy Technologies Limited ("Magnis", or the "Company") (ASX:MNS)(OTCQX:MNSEF) is very pleased to announce that Lithium-ion technology partner Charge CCCV (C4V) has launched its exciting LiSER Technology. Magnis has a 9.65% shareholding in C4V.

LiSER Technology

LiSER technology encompasses an in-house patented battery cell design that allows OEMs to bypass modules and build the pack directly. This platform includes designs that include long and slim cells with super-fast charge and discharge capabilities without losing the energy density benefits. LiSER also allows OEMs to achieve maximum cell to pack translation of performance.

The industry first "tab-less" advanced prismatic cell design that has an in-situ cooling loop to facilitate efficient temperature operations ranging from -40°C to 90°C, assisting in extra fast charging. The tethered edges of the module come with a solid structural design that enable mechanical stability. The design's high modularity allows to cater to stringent market requirements (kWh or MWh) without any bias for power or energy needs.

LiSER Advantages

LiSER's Cobalt and Nickel free lithium-ion battery cell technology provides an energy density of 190Wh/Kg (at the pack level), which would make it one of the market leading technologies today.

LiSER simplifies the module structure and using C4V's BMLMP technology the inherent oxygen deficient BMLMP not only augments battery safety but also delivers a voltage that is at least 20% higher than the LFP formulations currently widely being used in the market.

While Nickel-rich NCA or NMC chemistries emit Nickel oxide fumes, when burning with LiSER the toxic gaseous build-up is non-carcinogenic. LiSER uses elements that are environmental-friendly, sourced with a robust local supply-chain and enable a significantly lower carbon footprint.

LiSER: a revolutionary advancement in Li-ion battery technology
C4V redefining safety and energy density with a Nickel and Cobalt Free Platform Solution

● Cobalt & Nickel free technology: LiSER brings a Cobalt and Nickel free lithium-ion battery cell technology providing 40- 50 % higher energy density and 5 times more power density than LFP.

● Cell to Chassis: LiSER enables freedom from Modules to deliver an Industry leading cell to chassis and cell to pack solution with superior performance metrics.

● Unique "Tab-less" prismatic design: LiSER is the first ever "Tab-less" prismatic design that delivers extra fast charge and higher power benefits.

● Embedded Thermal Management: built-in cell cooling loops enables LiSER to eliminate complicated thermal management systems thereby reducing the weight and energy consumption of the battery pack.

● Strong Inherent Safety: LiSER technology also includes exceptional safety characteristics due to C4V's oxygen deficient patented BMLMP technology.

"Today, we are introducing LiSER, a unique cell technology platform. Lithium slim energy reserve (LiSER), brings a revolutionary cell technology platform to address several challenges facing the industry today including supply chain, cost and battery performance." said Dr. Shailesh Upreti, CEO and Founder of C4V.

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The world today is reeling from a shortage of semiconductors to shockwaves in prices that are being felt across the automobile and consumer electronics industries due to raw material deficits. As EV markets grow exponentially, analysts predict that we may see similar trends across critical battery materials like Cobalt and Nickel very soon.

C4V Team holding LiSER Cell at the launch event in Vestal New York.

LiSER's solid structural design and industry leading low carbon footprint enhance the utility and environmental friendliness of the platform powering C4V's pursuit of a cleaner, greener and cost effective energy storage future.

For more information on the LiSER technology please visit the link below.
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C4V Company CEO, Shailesh Upreti shared; "I am super excited to unveil our revolutionary cell technology LiSER today. This technology not only allows our BMLMP Chemistry to compete with Cobalt & Nickel based batteries at the pack level, but also enable Giga scale production to be more sustainable with our breakthrough high speed manufacturing processes. A leading cell to pack or cell to chassis design that can bridge the gap between energy density and power density in a very safe mechanism would allow us to cater to various market verticals with a single cell technology platform and we are super charged as our OEM partners start sharing their experiences with us".

About Magnis
Magnis Energy Technologies Ltd (ASX: MNS; OTCQX: MNSEF) is a vertically integrated lithium-ion battery company with strategic investments in several aspects of the electrification supply chain including manufacturing of green credentialed lithium-ion battery cells, leading edge lithium-ion battery technology and high-quality, high-performance anode materials. The Company's vision is to enable, support and accelerate the green energy transition critical for adoption of Electric Mobility and Renewable Energy Storage.

For more information contact:
Frank Poullas,
Executive Chairman
Ph: +61 2 8397 9888

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