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                                 INVESTOR NOTICE

     If CareCentric proceeds with a proposed merger described  previously,  then
it will  file  with  the SEC a proxy  statement  and  other  relevant  documents
concerning  the merger.  Investors  of  CareCentric  are urged to read the proxy
statement when and if filed and any other relevant  documents filed with the SEC
because they will contain important information.  You will be able to obtain the
documents free of charge at the website maintained by the SEC at In
addition,  you may obtain  documents  filed with the SEC by CareCentric  free of
charge by requesting them in writing from Ana McGary at CareCentric,  Inc., 2625
Cumberland  Parkway,  Suite  310,  Atlanta,  GA 30339 or by  telephone  at (678)

     CareCentric,  its  directors  and  executive  officers and certain of their
employees  and the  investor  group  described  previously  may be  deemed to be
participants in the solicitation of proxies from the stockholders of CareCentric
in connection  with the merger,  if  consummated.  These  participants  may have
interests in the merger,  if  consummated,  including  interests  resulting from
holding  options or shares of CareCentric  common stock.  Information  about the
interests of  directors  and  executive  officers of  CareCentric,  the investor
group, and their ownership of securities of CareCentric will be set forth in the
proxy statement, when and if filed.

     Investors should ready the proxy statement carefully when and if it becomes
available before making any voting or investment decisions.

                                  NEWS RELEASE

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                CONTACT: John R. Festa
                                                              President and CEO
                                                              (678) 264-4400


ATLANTA,  GA (March 12, 2003) - CareCentric,  Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CURA), a
leading  provider  of  management  information  systems to the home  health care
community,  reports  today its Annual  Report of Financial  Results for the year
ended  December 31, 2002.  CareCentric  reported a 7.7%  increase in revenues to
$22.0 million for 2002 against  revenues of $20.4 million in 2001.  The Net Cash
Used in  Operating  Activities  for 2002 was $0.8  million  and in 2001 was $3.9
million.  Results  from  Continuing  Operations  for 2002  was a profit  of $0.3
million  compared to a loss of $9.8 million in 2001,  after adding back an $11.8
million impairment charge recorded in 2001.

"This year's results  clearly  illustrate  the Company's  progress and operating
focus  during  the  last  year,"  stated  John R.  Festa,  President  and CEO of
CareCentric.  "Our  2002  reported  results  of  operations  report  a  material
improvement  from  losses  in both 2000 and 2001 to a net  profit in 2002  while
posting an  increase  of 7.7% in sales for 2002 over 2001.  In 2002,  we met all
required  regulatory  updates for our products,  introduced new products for the
point of care market and solidified our research and  development  plans for the
future.  In 2003 we will  continue  to further  advance our  improved  financial
performance   while  adding  renewed   emphasis  on  our  customer  service  and
development of our next generation of products."

Mr.  Festa  added,  "It is our intent to continue to  aggressively  reinvest the
Company's  cash flow into  product  enhancements  including  electronic  billing
modules,  point-of-care  based  products and the  development  of new generation
product platforms.  We believe CareCentric is in a unique position to understand
our  customers'  needs in both the home  health  agency  and  medical  equipment

"The Board of Directors is very pleased with the improved financial  performance
of the Company in 2002 and remains  committed to  supporting  the Company in its
strategic investment in its customers,  products, and technological  evolution."
stated John E. Reed, Chairman of the Board.

CareCentric provides  information  technology systems and services to over 1,500
customers.  CareCentric provides  freestanding,  hospital-based and multi-office
home health care  providers  (including  skilled  nursing,  private  duty,  home
medical equipment and supplies,  IV pharmacy and hospice)  complete  information
solutions  that  enable  these home care  operations  to  generate  and  utilize
comprehensive and integrated  financial,  operational and clinical  information.
With offices nationwide, CareCentric is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.


Note regarding Private Securities Litigation Reform Act: Statements made in this
press release which are not historical facts, including projections,  statements
of plans, objectives,  expectations, or future economic performance, are forward
looking  statements that involve risks and  uncertainties and are subject to the
safe harbor  created by the Private  Securities  Litigation  Reform Act of 1995.
CareCentric's future financial  performance could differ significantly from that
set forth herein,  and from the  expectations of management.  Important  factors
that could cause CareCentric's  financial  performance to differ materially from
past results and from those expressed in any forward looking statements include,
without  limitation,  the  inability  to obtain  additional  capital  resources,
variability in quarterly  operating  results,  customer  concentration,  product
performance and acceptance, long sales cycles, long and varying delivery cycles,
CareCentric's dependence on business partners, emerging technological standards,
risks   associated  with   acquisitions   and  the  risk  factors   detailed  in
CareCentric's  Registration  Statement on Form S-4 (File No. 333-96529) and from
time to time in  CareCentric's  periodic  reports filed with the  Securities and
Exchange Commission.  Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these
forward-looking statements, which speak only as of their dates.


                                           CARECENTRIC, INC.
                                      CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEETS
                                          DOLLARS IN THOUSANDS

                                                                               DECEMBER 31,
                                                                        2002                   2001
                                                                   ---------------        ---------------
Current assets:
  Cash and cash equivalents                                         $         826          $         201
  Accounts receivable, net of allowance for doubtful
    accounts of $1,307,000 and $1,042,000 respectively                      4,632                  4,185
  Prepaid expenses and other current assets                                   696                    608
  Notes receivable                                                            215                    413
                                                                   ---------------        ---------------
    Total current assets                                                    6,369                  5,407

Purchased software, furniture and equipment, net                            1,036                  1,533
Intangible assets, net                                                      4,308                  5,437
Other assets                                                                  194                    431
                                                                   ---------------        ---------------
    Total assets                                                    $      11,907          $      12,808
                                                                   ===============        ===============

Current liabilities:
  Line of credit                                                    $       4,525          $       5,572
  Accounts payable                                                          1,584                  2,185
  Accrued compensation expense                                                556                    593
  Accrued liabilities                                                       6,113                  6,574
  Customer deposits                                                         1,495                  2,120
  Unearned revenues                                                         4,223                  3,981
                                                                   ---------------        ---------------
    Total current liabilities                                              18,496                 21,025

Accrued liabilities, less current portion                                     150                    750

Notes payable long-term                                                     8,520                  5,343

Commitments and contingencies

Shareholders' equity (Deficit):
  Preferred Stock ; 10,000,000 shares authorized all Series B,C,D,E
  $.001 par value; Series C Preferred,  cancelled in 2002                       6                      7
  Common stock, $.001 par value; 20,000,000 shares authorized;
    4,371,350 shares issued and outstanding at December 31, 2002
    and December 31, 2001                                                       4                      4
  Unearned compensation                                                      (134)                  (210)
  Additional paid-in capital                                               20,430                 21,280
  Stock warrants                                                                1                      1
  Accumulated deficit                                                     (36,565)               (36,391)
                                                                   ---------------        ----------------
    Total shareholders' equity (Deficit)                                  (15,259)               (14,310)
                                                                   ---------------        ----------------
    Total liabilities and shareholders' equity (Deficit)            $      11,907          $      12,808
                                                                   ===============        ================

                                       CARECENTRIC, INC.
                                     DOLLARS IN THOUSANDS

                                                                YEARS ENDED DECEMBER 31,
                                                             2002                  2001
                                                         --------------       ---------------
Net revenues                                              $     22,015         $      20,446

Costs and expenses:
    Cost of revenues                                             6,408                 8,217
    Selling, general and administrative                          9,770                10,715
    Research and development                                     3,431                 6,158
    Amortization and depreciation                                1,696                 3,865
    Write down of intangibles                                        -                11,799
    Restructuring charge                                             -                   675
                                                         --------------       ---------------
    Total costs and expenses                                    21,305                41,429
                                                         --------------       ---------------

Income (loss) from operations                                      710               (20,983)

Other income (expense):
    Other income (expense)                                         250                     -
    Interest expense                                              (712)                 (592)
    Interest and other income                                       45                    37
                                                         --------------       ---------------
Income (loss) before taxes                                $        293         $     (21,538)

    Income tax benefit (expense)                                     -                   (15)
                                                         --------------       ---------------

Income (loss) from continuing operations                           293         $     (21,553)

Discontinued operations
    Loss on disposal of discontinued operations                      -                (2,632)

    Income (loss) from operations of
        discontinued segment before taxes                            -                  (483)

    Applicable tax expense                                           -                     -
                                                         --------------       ---------------
Net income (loss) from discontinued operations                       -                (3,115)
                                                         --------------       ---------------

Net  income (loss)                                        $        293         $     (24,668)
                                                         ==============       ===============

Cumulative preferred dividends                                    (467)                 (722)
                                                         --------------       ---------------
Net income (loss) available to common shareholders        $       (174)        $     (25,390)
                                                         ==============       ===============

Net income (loss) per share - basic and diluted
    available to common shareholders                      $      (0.04)        $       (5.94)
                                                         ==============       ===============
Weighted average common shares - basic and
   diluted                                                       4,371                 4,272
                                                         ==============       ===============

                                      CARECENTRIC, INC.
                            CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF CASH FLOW
                                    DOLLARS IN THOUSANDS

                                                            YEARS ENDED DECEMBER 31,
                                                           2002                 2001
                                                    -------------------- -------------------

Net income (loss)                                      $           (174)    $       (25,390)

     Provision for doubtful accounts                                351                 500
     Amortization and depreciation                                1,696               4,252
     Stock based Compensation charged to earnings                    76                   -
     Loss on discontinued operations                                  -               2,632
     Write down of intangibles                                        -              11,799

     Accounts receivable                                           (797)              2,101
     Prepaid expenses and other current assets                      (88)                 90
     Other assets                                                   137                 138
     Accounts payable                                              (600)              1,447
     Accrued compensation                                           (37)                (23)
     Accrued liabilities                                         (1,026)                (26)
     Customer deposits                                             (626)               (376)
     Unearned revenues                                              242              (1,020)
                                                    -------------------- -------------------
          Net cash used in operating activities                    (846)             (3,876)
                                                    -------------------- -------------------

Assets and liabilities disposed of                                    -                 (16)
Purchase of software, furniture and equipment                       (70)               (327)
                                                    -------------------- -------------------
          Net cash used in investing activities                     (70)               (343)
                                                    -------------------- -------------------

Payment on notes payable                                              -                   -
Proceeds from notes payable                                       3,176                   -
Increase (decrease) in line of credit                            (1,047)              4,058
Payment on capital lease obligation                                 (36)                  -
Proceeds from Consulting note receivable                            298                   -
Cancellation of Series C Preferred stock                           (850)                  -
                                                    -------------------- -------------------
          Net cash provided by  financing                         1,541               4,058
                                                    -------------------- -------------------

          Net change in cash and cash equivalents                   625                (161)

Cash and cash equivalents, beginning of period                      201                 362
                                                    -------------------- -------------------

Cash and cash equivalents, end of period               $            826     $           201
                                                    ==================== ===================