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                                                 JOHN R. FESTA
                                                 PRESIDENT AND CEO
                                                 (678)  264-4400

                          CARECENTRIC ANNOUNCES MERGER

leading  provider  of  management  information  systems to the home  health care
community,  announced  today  that it has  received  a merger  proposal  from an
investor group led by its majority stockholder,  John Reed, and his son, Stewart
Reed, that could have the effect of taking the company private.

     The proposal features the following key terms:

     o    A new  corporation  formed by the investor group,  Borden  Associates,
          Inc., would be merged into CareCentric;

     o    Smaller  stockholders  of  CareCentric  (those holding less than 4,000
          shares) would be offered a price of $.55 per share;

     o    Other CareCentric  stockholders'  shares would remain  outstanding and
          continue to represent shares of CareCentric (the surviving company);

     o    The investor  group will pay up to a total of $450,000 to cash out the
          small stockholders and pay the transaction expenses of Borden;

     o    The current  stockholders  of Borden  would  receive a total number of
          CareCentric shares equal to the total cash  consideration  invested in
          Borden divided by the per share price of $.55.

     The proposed transaction would have the following potential effects:

     o    The number of record holders could be reduced from approximately 5,500
          to approximately 200;

     o    CareCentric  would be eligible to terminate  the  registration  of its
          common stock under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended;

     o    If  the  termination  of the  registration  of the  common  stock  was
          completed,  the  common  stock  would no  longer  be quoted on the OTC
          Bulletin Board.

The proposal states that it is conditioned  upon the approval of the transaction
by the Board of Directors and stockholders of CareCentric,  a special  committee
of the Board consisting of independent  directors,  a fairness opinion,  and the
receipt of all necessary regulatory approvals.

The Board has formed a special committee consisting of independent  directors to
review the proposal.

CareCentric provides  information  technology systems and services to over 1,500
customers.  CareCentric provides  freestanding,  hospital-based and multi-office
home health care  providers  (including  skilled  nursing,  private  duty,  home
medical equipment and supplies,  IV pharmacy and hospice)  complete  information
solutions  that  enable  these home care  operations  to  generate  and  utilize
comprehensive and integrated  financial,  operational and clinical  information.
With offices nationwide, CareCentric is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Note regarding Private Securities Litigation Reform Act: Statements made in this
press release which are not historical facts, including projections,  statements
of plans, objectives,  expectations, or future economic performance, are forward
looking  statements that involve risks and  uncertainties and are subject to the
safe harbor created by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The
CareCentric's future financial  performance could differ significantly from that
set forth herein,  and from the  expectations of management.  Important  factors
that could cause the  CareCentric's  financial  performance to differ materially
from past  results and from those  expressed in any forward  looking  statements
include,  without  limitation,   the  inability  to  obtain  additional  capital
resources,  variability in quarterly operating results,  customer concentration,
product performance and acceptance, long sales cycles, long and varying delivery
cycles,   the   CareCentric's   dependence   on  business   partners,   emerging
technological standards, risks associated with acquisitions and the risk factors
detailed  in the  CareCentric's  Registration  Statement  on Form S-4  (File No.
333-96529)  and from time to time in the  CareCentric's  periodic  reports filed
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Readers are cautioned not to place
undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of their

                                 INVESTOR NOTICE

CareCentric will file a proxy statement and other relevant documents  concerning
the proposed merger with the SEC. Investors of CareCentric are urged to read the
proxy statement when it becomes available and any other relevant documents filed
with the SEC because they will contain important  information.  You will be able
to obtain the documents  free of charge at the website  maintained by the SEC at  In  addition,  you may  obtain  documents  filed  with  the SEC by
CareCentric  free of charge by  requesting  them in  writing  from Ana McGary at
CareCentric,  Inc., 2625 Cumberland  Park,  Suite 310,  Atlanta,  GA 30339 or by
telephone at 678-264-4400.

CareCentric, its directors and executive officers and certain of their employees
and the investor group,  may be deemed to be participants in the solicitation of
proxies from the  stockholders  of  CareCentric  in connection  with the merger.
These  participants  may  have  interests  in the  merger,  including  interests
resulting  from  holding   options  or  shares  of  CareCentric   common  stock.
Information  about  the  interests  of  directors  and  executive   officers  of
CareCentric,   the  investor  group,   and  their  ownership  of  securities  of
CareCentric will be set forth in the proxy statement.

Investors  should read the proxy statement  carefully when it becomes  available
before making any voting or investment decisions.


                                January 28, 2003

Board of Directors
CareCentric, Inc.
2625 Cumberland Parkway, Suite 310
Atlanta, Georgia 30339


     We hereby  propose a  transaction  that would allow  CareCentric,  Inc.,  a
Delaware corporation ("CareCentric"),  to deregister its common stock, $.001 par
value per share (the "COMMON  STOCK"),  under  Section  12(g) of the  Securities
Exchange Act of 1934,  as amended (the  "EXCHANGE  ACT"),  and to terminate  its
reporting  obligations under Section 13 of the Exchange Act. The principal terms
of our "going private" proposal are as follows:

PROPONENTS:         John E.  Reed,  Stewart  B.  Reed  and  James A.  Burk  (the

STRUCTURE:          Statutory  merger of Borden  Associates,  Inc.,  a  Delaware
                    corporation controlled by the Investors ("BORDEN"), with and
                    into   CareCentric,   with   CareCentric  as  the  surviving
                    corporation (the "MERGER"), and pursuant to which the number
                    of record  holders of the Common Stock would be reduced from
                    approximately 5,500 to approximately 200.

TOTAL CASH          An amount  (the  "TOTAL  CASH  CONSIDERATION")  equal to the
CONSIDERATION:      product  of (x)  $0.55  in cash  (the  "PER  SHARE  PRICE"),
                    multiplied  by (y) the  aggregate  number of shares owned of
                    record by holders of fewer than 4000 shares of Common  Stock
                    on the record date (the "SMALL STOCKHOLDERS").

FUNDING:            The  Investors  will fund the  purchase  of shares  from the
                    Small Stockholders by investing in Borden, immediately prior
                    to  the   Merger,   an  amount   equal  to  the  Total  Cash
                    Consideration;  provided,  however, that the Investors shall
                    not  obligated  to invest  an amount in excess of  $450,000,
                    including  amounts needed by Borden for expenses  related to
                    the transaction.

EFFECTS OF THE      As a result of the Merger:

                    o    each share of Common  Stock  owned of record by a Small
                         Stockholder  will be converted into, and will represent
                         the  right to  receive  the Per  Share  Price,  without

                    o    each share of Common  Stock owned of record by a holder
                         other  than  a  Small   Stockholder  will  continue  to
                         represent  one share of Common  Stock after the merger;

                    o    the outstanding  shares of Borden's capital stock will,
                         in the  aggregate,  be  converted  into  the  right  to
                         receive  that number of shares of Common Stock equal to
                         the quotient of the Total Cash Consideration divided by
                         the Per Share Price.

EXPENSES:           Each Investor and Borden and CareCentric will be responsible
                    for and  bear  all  of his or its  own  costs  and  expenses
                    incurred  at  any  time  in  connection   with  pursuing  or
                    consummating the proposed transaction.

January 28, 2003
Page 2

     We are proposing this going private transaction because we believe that:

     o    CareCentric  incurs substantial direct and indirect costs and expenses
          associated with being a publicly held company, including:

     o    the accounting and legal fees  associated  with the obligation to file
          annual, quarterly and current reports with the SEC, and

     o    the executive time expended to prepare and review such filings,

     and we  anticipate  that these  costs and  expenses  would  increase in the

     o    CareCentric'  status as a public company is impeding  possible  equity
          and debt financing;

     o    CareCentric's  ability to attract and maintain qualified directors and
          officers has been,  and will likely  continue to be constrained by new
          duties  imposed on such  directors and officers by the  Sarbanes-Oxley
          Act of 2002 and related regulations ("SARBANES-OXLEY");

     o    costs of  CareCentric's  director and officer  liability  insurance is
          likely to increase substantially; and

     o    CareCentric's low market capitalization has made it impractical to use
          its stock as acquisition currency.

     We believe the offer  contemplated  by our proposal is fair and generous to
the Small Stockholders based on the following considerations:

     o    The  proposed  Per Share Price  represents  a 22.7%  premium  over the
          average  closing price  adjusted for volume of $0.4483 from August 29,
          2002 through January 2, 2003 during which period approximately 739,700
          shares were traded in the public  market  under the symbol  CURA.OB as
          reported by Yahoo Finance;

     o    The Merger will provide them with the opportunity to obtain  immediate
          liquidity  for their  interest in  CareCentric  without  incurring any
          brokerage commissions or related transaction costs; and

     o    The proposed Per Share Price  represents a substantial  premium to our
          estimate of the liquidation value of CareCentric's assets after taking
          into account  reasonable lease buyout reserves,  litigation  reserves,
          employee severance costs, and other related fees and expenses.

     We  understand  that in  transactions  of this  nature,  it is typical  and
advisable  for a  special  committee  of  independent  directors  (the  "SPECIAL
COMMITTEE") to be established to review proposals of this nature.  We understand
that the Special  Committee  will hire its own financial  and legal  advisors to
review,  negotiate,  and  accept or  reject  our  proposal  and the terms of the
proposed   transaction  and  that  such  Special  Committee  may  solicit  other

     Our proposal is  conditioned  upon the  execution  of a  definitive  merger
agreement  containing  the terms and  conditions  set forth above and such other
mutually  agreeable  terms and conditions as are customary in agreements of this
sort,  including  but not  limited  to  customary  representations,  warranties,
covenants and  conditions.  It is also subject to, among other  things,  (1) the
approval of the transaction by the Special Committee, the Board of Directors and
the stockholders of CareCentric,  (2) receipt of a fairness opinion by the Board
of Directors, and (3) the receipt of all necessary regulatory approvals.

January 28, 2003
Page 3

     Please advise us at your earliest convenience how you would like to proceed
with this proposal.  We reserve the right to modify or withdraw this proposal at
any time prior to the execution and delivery of the definitive  merger agreement
in the  event  that we  become  aware  of any  facts  or  circumstances  that we
determine,  in our sole discretion,  make such action  appropriate.  We will not
have any  obligation to  CareCentric  or its  stockholders  with respect to this
proposal unless and until we execute and deliver a definitive  merger agreement,
which must be in form and content satisfactory to us in our sole discretion.

         We and our advisors are prepared to meet with the Special Committee and
its advisors to answer any questions  that may arise  regarding our proposal and
the proposed transaction.

                                  Very truly yours,

                                  John E. Reed

                                  Stewart B. Reed

                                  James A. Burk

                                  Borden Associates, Inc.

                                      John E. Reed, President