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How To Boost Your Rank With Mad Maggie in Apex Legends

By: PRLog

NEW CASTLE, Del. - April 6, 2022 - PRLog -- A Feared Warlord

Margaret Kōhere aka Mad Maggie, a woman who grew up with only Fuse as her "family" in the sorriest corners of Salvo. These two siblings-in-arms became mercenaries together in the Split Greenhouse -  an underground military group. Over the years she has made a name for herself,  but when she saw her rival Sandringham Kelly abandon the fight to make a pact with the syndicate and her brother in arms abandon her for the Apex Legends games her heart was filled with hatred.

Double Liability

First of all, let's start with a rather original liability, you know Bangalore runs faster when she is shot ? Well, our mercenary Maggie runs faster when she has a shotgun ! Do you know what that means? Learn to master the shotguns in the game and you'll become very oppressive and aggressive. Basically, as soon as you hold the shotgun in your hands you will run as fast as if you were not carrying a weapon, which is great! (Reminder: When you're not fighting put your weapons away you'll run faster!) If you want an accurate number to gauge where you stand when playing with a shotgun in your hands you'll run 15% faster, 15% speed boost is a real life saver! You think it's over? Well no, you are faster than the other legends even when you aim a shotgun! It's like moving as fast as octane while almost aiming.

Wrecking Ball

Our warlord has an ultimate that has two main effects and two methods of use. The first way to use Wrecking Ball is to suddenly attack an enemy team, indeed Maggie will launch a huge wrecking ball and on its way the ball will leave small speed boosts that give you 30% more speed (With or without weapon there is 30%), and on top of that if the ball hits enemies they will not only be propelled but they will all be stunned and have an EXTREMELY blurred vision (worse than a smoke of bangalore !).
The second way to play this ultimate is to use it to flee extremely fast (especially on slopes). In fact if an enemy team is harassing you with snipers you can use your wrecking ball to run even faster to a safe area. Snipers will have a much harder time hitting you if you run from left to right in front of them or if you simply sprint faster.

Best Weapons

Our developers have done it right and respected the character, Maggie is a completely crazy and wild mercenary, her speed and active scan passives clearly tell us that if you want to be a good Mad Maggie player you need to play shotguns and medium range weapons. That means you must have a shotgun, I'll tell you that because it's Maggie's dedicated weapon style.  With a shotgun ? Take a 301 or a Flatline it will do perfectly! And if you are an experienced player take your beautiful wingman and play with even more style!  Indeed everything is made and thought for you to play in the first line, you just have to shoot your grenade or throw your wrecking ball to have a decisive advantage !

Start Of Match

Let's be clear, you have to play the big spawns where there are a lot of people, if you manage the Riot Drill you will have a kill at the beginning of the game and a kill what does that mean ? You end up in 3 v 2 so you have a lot of chances to win the first confrontation ! And then if your enemy picks up the gun in front of you you just have to back up and place a grenade at the door step to block him.

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