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Greater New York vs. NY Metro Area: What’s the Difference?

Greater New York vs. NY Metro Area: What’s the Difference?Photo from Unsplash

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New York City and the greater New York metropolitan area are notorious for their indescribable largeness. Over the years, people called these neighborhoods, boroughs, and counties different names. In fact, a division grew between the colloquial and statistical usage of these geographical terms. To keep all the nuanced information straight, here is the difference between greater New York and the NY metro area.

The New York Metropolitan Area

The New York metro area is a large statistical region dominated by the hubbub of New York City. Branching out from this well-known central urban area, the metro region expands into the federally termed “New York-Newark-Bridgeport, NY, NJ, CT, PA.” This technical moniker includes all the major areas and cities in each of the states listed, upping the population of the megacity to about 23 million people.

Greater New York

Defining the Greater New York region is more a matter of semantics than regional separation. Like the Common Statistical Area described above, Greater New York is essentially the skyscraper-dominated New York City that songwriters and film producers alike strive to capture. The sprawling city center officially includes the five boroughs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. Within each of these boroughs are smaller neighborhoods that build the communities with which New Yorkers identify.

The Biggest Differences

The difference between Greater New York and the New York metropolitan area lies in technicality. The former is much more of a colloquial descriptor, while the latter includes the entire federally recognized mass of governments and regions. One important thing to remember when using these terms is that though they may be interchangeable at times, the metropolitan area includes a much larger area.

Knowing the difference between greater New York and the NY metro area can help you navigate the nuanced language around urban segmentation. While true natives will battle out the language with governmental bodies and outsiders alike, this area is home to millions. If you are one such New Yorker in need of moving services in the New York metropolitan area, reach out to us at Your Hometown Mover to learn more about our hourly moving services.

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