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These Are the Cities in 2023 Where Having a Wedding Is More Expensive Than Buying a House

iQuanti: Most couples are already aware that wedding expenses come at a premium, but did you know that it could cost you a home? It's true! Experts have analyzed the typical wedding cost breakdown and found some startling discoveries. Namely, your special day might end up costing more than a down payment in over twenty cities around the United States.

Here are the top five cities where your wedding day could cost more than you'd spend to become a homeowner:

1. Syracuse, NY

The average 13% down payment in Syracuse would cost a homeowner $23,816, while the average wedding cost for residents clocks in at $31,304, 31% higher than the down payment would cost.

2. Rochester, NY

A Rochester wedding will run its residents an average of $31,340, which is 24% more expensive than the average down payment of $27,919.

3. York-Hanover, PA

York-Hanover has the distinguished rank of "most expensive home prices" out of all other cities on the original survey, with the average home running just over $224,000. Consequently, the average resident will have a higher down payment of $29,169 (assuming 13% down). But these higher costs don't mean it's cheaper to afford a wedding there; far from it. The average York-Hanover wedding will cost $34,069, 16.8% more than the average down payment.

4. Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, PA

Scranton residents pay an average of $22,936 for a 13% down payment on a home. Compare that to $26,780 for their average wedding, a 16.7% difference that puts Scranton in fourth place on the list.

5. Toledo, OH

Like many of the towns on this list, Toledo has fairly reasonable housing prices for its residents, averaging $20,236 for a 14% down payment. Unfortunately, reasonable housing costs don't equate to reasonable wedding costs, as the average wedding will run Toledo residents $22,975, 13.53% higher than the down payment.

How to get the best of both worlds

If you're planning to get married and become a homeowner in the near future, you don't need to pick one or the other. There are a few things you can do to get everything you want; it just requires becoming more intentional with your budget:

1. Create a budget - Knowing how much you're spending on certain things is the first step to being more mindful of your overall expenditures.

2. Shop around - Don't be afraid to compare prices and find the best deal for both your wedding and home-buying needs.

3. Don't fall into the trend trap - Don't feel like you need to have the best or most up-to-date of everything for either your house or wedding. Trends often come with a premium markup (both for homes and weddings) and may not be something you look at fondly 10 years from now. Stick to tried-and-true options as a baseline and make the occasional upgrade if your budget allows.

4. Understand your priority should be the house - While your wedding should certainly be a special day, it will only be one day (or a few days if you're having a big event) while your house will be something you have for years. Any "extra" money should go toward getting that down payment ready for your home, not your wedding.

5. But don't forget to enjoy the moment - Just because your budget for both is tight doesn't mean you shouldn't celebrate your union or the fact that you're about to own a new home. Don't go "bare-bones" if it means sacrificing your happiness; simply find a way to compromise so that you can have your wedding cake and eat it, too.

The bottom line

There's no need to break the bank just to have a beautiful wedding; in fact, in some cities, it may actually be more expensive to have one. But don't despair; there are plenty of affordable ways to have a spectacular day without emptying your bank account.

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