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Lift Big Eat Big Announces Acquisition of Leading CrossFit Company, Good Times CrossFit, Run By TV Personality And Business Couple Eric and Cristin Botsford

By: Magic PR

Camino, California – Lift Big Eat Big, already a leading name in the fitness and strength sports industry, has now acquired Good Times CrossFit to further bolster its position as the premier name in the fitness business.

Good Times CrossFit was a CrossFit gym based in Camino, California, owned by Eric and Cristin Botsford. Eric and Cristin are veterans in the sport of CrossFit and athletic pursuits. Cristin is a mother, chef, and coach, and Eric has over 7 years of firefighting experience, has been hosting CrossFit competitions since 2009, is an MC and CBS Sports announcer for Tough Mudder events, and is a fitness TV celebrity.

Since 2011, Lift Big Eat Big has been a definitive resource for lifters from all walks of life. The websites team of professional coaches and athletes, including the World’s Strongest Man competitor Colm Woulfe and Powerlifting and Highland Games champion Ed Cosner, offers readers a range of advice and crucial information on how to gain muscle, lift heavy things, the sport of Strongman, weightlifting, powerlifting, and CrossFit.

A Source for Athletes, Coaches, and Trainers

In August 2021, Lift Big Eat Big was purchased by James de Lacey, a professional strength and conditioning coach with a master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science. James now runs the website with the help of professional Olympic Weightlifter, karate world champion, and CrossFit Games athlete Mona de Lacey.

Lift Big Eat Big is a source for athletes, coaches, and trainers to get researched-based information on all topics relating to fitness, nutrition, recovery, strength, and mass gains.

The website seeks to dispel myths that are often spread via disreputable sources, as well as offer a different perspective on fitness and nutrition methods that are known to be trusted.

Lift Big Eat Big uses peer-reviewed research, credible studies, and sources, along with James and Mona’s own personal knowledge and experience, to offer readers a premier location to source material designed to increase human performance.

Why CrossFit?

Lift Big Eat Big specializes in strength sports, fitness, and, most recently, CrossFit, as the sport uniquely combines Olympic Weightlifting, Strongman, and gymnastics into a brutal conditioning circuit.

Olympic Weightlifting is an essential skill in CrossFit as athletes need to perform various snatch, clean, and jerk variations as part of different WODs. Often these Olympic lifts are not performed on their own and are placed within weightlifting complexes, meaning that you need increased work capacity to complete them.

As you spend more time completing CrossFit circuits and your confidence grows, you can begin to cycle a barbell between reps until you are ready to start with the Olympic lifts. This routine will require some equipment, such as Olympic weightlifting shoes, wrist wraps, knee sleeves, and hook grip tape.

If you are eager to combine your Strongman training with your CrossFit exercise, Lift Big Eat Big suggests the farmer’s walk, yoke walk, and sandbag carry. While not to the same loading as Strongman events, the exercises are performed when you’re completely exhausted. Additionally, you also have exercises used exclusively within CrossFit, like the thruster.

More information

To find out more about Lift Big Eat Big or to read more about the website’s recent acquisition of Good Times CrossFit, as well as to discover more recommended CrossFit exercises, please visit the website at


About Lift Big Eat Big

Lift Big Eat Big was started in May 2011 as a source for athletes, coaches, trainers to get researched-based information on all topics relating to fitness, nutrition, recovery, strength, and mass gains.

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